For players who play The Wall MC server, so they can chat, request plugins, or promote the server.
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PostSubject: Mastermind   Mastermind I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2012 3:31 am

1) an archery contest, whoever hits a target in a amount of time wins maybe? something to do with archery.

2) Capture the flag

3) like a deathmatch, 2 players enter a small arena with full armor or something (or just fist fights) and you fight to the death, the winner might get in game cash or something.

4) A race for diamonds or other blocks/gems, you run in a big biome (natural but walls around it so they can't go too far) and they need to find a block, they can either keep it (your choice) or for 1 item (depends how rare) they can get points which they can then trade for in game money or something else like if they find 7 diamonds in the arena they get rewarded 1 diamond for the actual server.

5) minecraft tnt olympics

6) Hole in a floor. There is a floor of obsidian (or any other block) and they all all given diamond picks, if you break a certain block you will fall down into a hole with a chest and your reward is in it.

7) Building contest, you give the builders a topic and they have to build it (they can have a limited amount of supplies or any amount they want) and you can time them, when the time is up whoever has the most voted or best looking design wins!

Cool Siege-type match; one team defends a fort while one team attacks.

9) Mastermind
This game is called Mastermind. There are 4 lanes with teams of 2 and one mastermind. The mastermind goes into a room away from everyone else and picks a 4 block colored wool pattern. Each team has 10 1x4 areas to put wool down in. There's a 10 minute time limit for each team to get the colored pattern right. If none gets it, the team closest will win the game. There will be 3 masterminds throughout the course of this event. All the teams are inside their own lane that can't be seen over. If you also cheat, your team will be thrown out of the event.

Hope this helps, took bout 15min to type

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