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 Banned for pretty much nothing.

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Banned for pretty much nothing. Empty
PostSubject: Banned for pretty much nothing.   Banned for pretty much nothing. I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 5:44 am

Yestarday me,elite and lordscope (forgot other names) were building stuff, then ProAlexD tpaed to one of them, they accepted it, he kept on destroying the stuff we built, so we decided we should kill him, he kept on saying some random stuff like, i will keep on destroying it etc. Then we attacked him and he combat logged, he came on later and went mad about it, he kept on calling me stuff on public chat and on pm, then my044 (hannah montana) said that we both shut up or something like that, and then he muted me and said, Adder864, say something if you aren't a fag. Well, then i done /f desc Adder864: Hello. Just for a troll, and then he banned me. And he didn't even mute that other dude for 1 min. So i think i should be unbanned or atleast temp banned for a while. thx
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Banned for pretty much nothing.
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