For players who play The Wall MC server, so they can chat, request plugins, or promote the server.
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 Application For The Wall Moderator Form

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Application For The Wall Moderator Form Empty
PostSubject: Application For The Wall Moderator Form   Application For The Wall Moderator Form I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2012 9:50 am

In Game Name:
Time Zone:
eastern standard
Preferred Hours Of Getting On:
Monday-Friday 7:00pm -2:00am (when time allows (or wife) but usually a few hours every day)
Saturday-Sunday –as much as I can
Reason For Requesting To Be A Mod:
I see people being abused and mistreated or just not playing fair and would like to have the power to set them strait.
Experience Of Having High Power In A Server:
Haven’t had much experience with a public server but have run my own private server for my brother and friends and I work in IT so I know my way around a computer.
Age: 30
Three Sentences Of What You Would Change In The Wall If You Were A Mod:
If I were in charge I would like to see a set of well-defined rules that were posted for everyone to see. One rule that I would love to see in place is “ no lying for personal gain… well or at all”. And I would like to see more than one spawn site and maybe make a Multi-team structure …that you either support the (example “Red castle” or “Green castle” “Blue Castle” and so on) to make it less one on one and more team based. Of course this would be the choice of each faction leader to choose their allegiance to their choice of a colored ADMIN and MOD. Or to remain a rouge faction and be enemy to all…
Do You Have A Microphone:
Have one on order but not yet.
Access To Get On Mumble Or Skype:
I Haven’t ever had a need for Skype or Mumble before but it is possible for me to get it if I need to.
How Long Have You Been With The Wall:
For a long time … since before minecraft 1.3 came out
Strengths And Weaknesses:
My Strengths Are That I Am Friendly and honest and devoted and I am an awesome builder with lots of saaweet ideas. My Weaknesses Are That I tend to Noob out every now and then , such as falling in lava and losing items that took a looong time to collect… *sigh* …and I put too much trust I people sometimes.
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Application For The Wall Moderator Form
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